Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to synchronize Multiple Dropbox Accounts in your computer

You have multiple accounts in dropbox. (Assume that you have alredy install dropbox on your computer).

You want to synchronize all your dropbox account files in your computer at the same time.

  • Create the alternative folders for your additional account, for example
         $ mkdir ~/.dropbox-mte
           $ mkdir ~/dropbox-mte
  • Run from a terminal the following command
        $ HOME=$HOME/.dropbox-mte /usr/bin/dropbox start -i
  • Configure your account and make as default directory ~/dropbox-mte
  • Create a file to launch the new instance of the dropbox deamon for example,

           HOME=$HOME/.dropbox-mte /usr/bin/dropbox start
  • Executable permissions 
           $chmod 755 ~/
  • Include in your starter.
"Go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications. Click Add and          include the following:
Name: 2nd instance of Dropbox
Command: /home/Username/
Click Ok."


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